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silver trumpets

"and they made bells of pure gold and put the bells between the pomegranates
on the hems of the robe round about, between the pomegranates:" - Exodus 39:25

BELLS (pä-ä-mon') [H6472] 1. mentioned briefly in the book of Exodus; the bells (made of gold)were bell-like or clamshell ornaments sewn on the hem of the priestly robe of Aaron between decorative pomegranates. Inside the bell was most likely a clapper or small pebble that would strike the bell casing creating a tinkling sound that could be heard when the bell was shaken or excited. Although considered as a percussion instrument and an instrumental sound effect today (e.g., jingle bells), the gold bells of the Hebrew texts refer specifically to one and only one non-musical usage; to act as some type of warning signal that was used to prevent the accidental death of Aaron or his sons (i.e., the priests)when entering or leaving the chamber of the Most Holy.

Exodus 28:33, 28:34 (2x), 39:25 (2x), 39:26 (2x) (total 7 occurrences)

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Gold Bells and Pomegranates