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Religiously, I started life as a Lutheran. As I grew into my late teens during the sixties, I converted to Catholicism while in the Navy. Tried to join the priesthood, but was wisely dissuaded by the base Chaplin to think it over a bit longer. In my early twenties I attempted to convert to Judaism and eventually became a Jehovah's Witness, we parted company after about ten years. Since then, I have devoted a majority of my life to researching the Bible, completing two major scripturally based works: The Book of Jesus ( and The Music of the Bible ( The Book of Jesus, which took the better part of twenty years to complete, is a chronological harmonization of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Music of the Bible delves into the musical system of the Bible and the Psalms. Both are available online.

Musically, I have playing music since the age of eight and made my livelihood as a performing musician, composer and teacher for the majority of my working life. My teachers have included such men as Dennis Sandole, John Marlow, and Frank Mullen. From John Marlow (a protégé of Segovia), I learned classical guitar. From Dennis Sandole (who taught such jazz greats as Coltrane, Pat Martino, James Moody, Art Farmer, etc.), I learned not only how to open my thinking musically, but also religiously. Frank Mullen taught me how to play the guitar and how to make a living at it. I stand on the shoulders of some very great men both musically and religiously. Throughout my life I have written over one-hundred compositions for guitar, voice and orchestra including a musical entitled The Kings, some poetry, and numerous music related books and methods.

From a business standpoint, my years after high school were taken up as a guitarist with the U.S. Navy Band during the Vietnam conflict. After the service I studied, played professionally and taught music and guitar privately and in college until opening a recording studio in the Atlantic City area in the late eighties. From there I went on to become Executive Director of Music Minus One/Pocket Songs in New York and eventually wound up in my mid-fifties as an Assistant Director of Information Services for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City. At present I am, for lack of a better word, semi-retired. I presently work a job which provides me numerous hours a day to continue my projects; devoting the time left over in the day and on weekends to my family and whatever else my Father has left for me to do.

It is the, whatever my Father has left for me to do, that has produced some of the greatest joy in my life. You just never know what life will bring your way. Just when you think you have it all together, the cards get shuffled and a new game starts. All things being said, I have lived a full and blessed life under His care and tutelage and am eternally grateful for the time and resources He has been expended on my behalf.

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